At Dynamic Consulting, we provide integrated solutions to enhance organization performance, from early stage (selection) until internal and external job transfer.

Talent selection

Talent selection

To ensure Job Fit and Culture Fit Candidate, we help Corporate Clients develop the Competency Framework, design Assessment/Development Center, choose the most suitable test and equip Selection Interviewing Skills.

  • Competency Framework
  • Assessment/Development Center
  • Selection Tests
  • Selection Interviewing Skills
  • 360° feedback
Talent development

Talent development

With the constant changing world, we focus on growing the talent within your organization by providing a program (from pre-course survey analysis to post-course enhancement) that equips your target people the readiness not only for today but also for tomorrow.

The program is customised according to your business context and your current status. It aims to four focuses:

  • Leadership & Management Enhancement
  • Sales Ability
  • HR Practices
  • Team Effectiveness
Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement

"To be effective and yield results for your business, performance management must be a year-round process with no end" (Teala Wilson). A good performance management system should be able to align individual / team/ departmental objectives with company objectives. Furthermore, it should be well integrated with remuneration structure and corporate culture. This cannot be done in one year! We will work with you to implement gradually phase-by-phase.

  • Establish/Refine Performance Management System
  • Restructure Remuneration
  • Design/Refine Merit Increase and/or Incentive Scheme
  • Live up Corporate Culture
Optimize performance during change

Optimize performance during change

People tend to decrease performance during changes (new strategy, new assignment, M&A, new boss, new process,…). We offer a holistic approach to ensure positive behaviors of impacted employees, and smooth transition.

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Outplacement Consulting Service
  • Team Assimilation/Integration