About Us

Dynamic Consulting is a Vietnamese Human Resource Consulting firm, located in Ho Chi Minh City. Our services aim to enhance team performance through Talent Assessment, Talent Development, Performance Management System and other services that can help to reduce the obstacle that may refrain the organization performance.

Founded and led by Ms Kim-Anh Le – Master (HRM), Pharmacist – who has more than 30 years of HR and business experience, mostly with multinational companies, Dynamic Consulting gathers experienced local HR Practitioners, Sr Managers; and gains technical support from international partners.





Our unique selling points:

  • Integrated solutions (multi-approach)
  • Hamornization of global standards and local culture and framework
  • Hands-on, practical and long-term focus 
Dynamic Consulting

Every corporate or individual client will get not only our solutions for better performance but also an empathetic strategic partner.

Dynamic Consulting
  • Develop local HR professionals
  • Build productive & resilient workforce
  • Transform organization
Dynamic Consulting
  • Intergrity: We apply consistent and transparent policies to our stakeholders and deliver what we promise
  • Network: We strive to develop long-term and professional relationships with every contact
  • Leadership: We take initiatives in exploring ourselves and others' full potetial
  • Quality: All projects or tasks are focusing on sustainability and long-term growth of the customers
  • Development: Continuous learning and various development methodologies are fully dedicated