Modern HR For Dummies

Update Date: 16/08/2018

The 21st-century economy is service driven. Companies that win today are focused on two things: taking care of their employees and taking care of their customers. Winning and keeping loyal and engaged individuals, either as employees or customers, is a challenge.

By 2020, five generations will work side-by-side in a workplace that is shaped by cloud computing and social media. McKinsey & Company projects a shortage of 30 to 40 million college-educated workers. In a marketplace where employees have so many career options, you have to fight to keep the best people working for you. So, how do you address talent shortages and engage your employees and customers? In this talent-centric corporate landscape, where business insight and social tools are essential, modern HR needs to refocus its strategies around the employee experience: HR leaders need modern technology to be successful.

Modern HR For Dummies explores today’s talent management challenges and the new “people function” of modern HR. It explains how to enable the future of human capital management (HCM) with the right processes, technologies, and partners in your enterprise!

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